“Zoom Room” at Regal Kentwood Office

Regal Holdings has launched a “Zoom Room” at the home office in Grand Rapids! The Zoom Room features a touchscreen Yealink conference phone, a Smart TV, Zoom software, and a dedicated private room in the home office to conduct meetings. The meeting room features state of the art technology that allows our affiliates to video conference safely with clients over a secure connection in a professional environment. Regal has made this capital investment to serve our advisors and their clients during this pandemic and beyond as the landscape for client meetings evolves. The Regal Zoom Room is cleaned and sterilized before and after every meeting to ensure the safety of all who use it. The system is user-friendly and easy to use, but Regal staff stands ready during regular business hours to assist with initial setup of Zoom calls or any technical issues that may arise.

As “An Organization Created by Advisors, for Advisors,” Regal understands that during these difficult times, meeting with clients face-to-face is unlikely and can be unsafe. That is why Regal has created a virtual meeting room for advisor use – ensuring that all our affiliates have a safe and secure space to continue to build relationships with their clients virtually. Connecting and engaging with a client is vital to building your relationship with them, we built this Zoom Room to enhance our affiliates’ ability to maintain that engagement. “Relationships are the cornerstone for Regal affiliates, and during this pandemic, we have decided to increase our communications capabilities to assist advisors in helping clients reach their financial goals,” states John Kailunas II, Regal Holdings CEO.

If you would like to use the Regal Zoom Room for a meeting, please contact the Regal home office at (616) 224-2204 to reserve your time. As always, we appreciate your business and affiliation and we look forward to assisting you in pushing your business forward through these uncertain times. If you have any questions, please reach out to your advisor advocates, Lee Cole (lcole@regalfin.com) and Jordan Fischer, CFP®(jfischer@regalfin.com), for more details.

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