Creative Brief

Please note that no marketing work can begin until the Creative Brief form has been completed, signed, and submitted to the Regal/Regulus Marketing Department.

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Materials for Advisors

Regal has put together this collection of materials to help YOU build a better business. If you're interested in personalizing one of these pieces to reflect your brand and office location, please contact Regal Marketing. Our team will work with you to tailor the content to fit your needs while remaining compliant with industry regulations.

Pie Giveaway

The Fall reminds us to be thankful.  Show your clients you appreciate them by giving them a pie to share with family and friends.

Fall Festival

Introducing our new Fall Festival invitation. Use this invitation to invite your clients to join you in celebrating the fall season and all it has to offer.

Winter Celebration

With 2017 drawing to a close, this is a perfect event to host for your clients and their guests. For a classy dinner and dancing event of this sort, a high number of guests are likely to attend as well, so it can be great for prospecting. Use the opportunity to recognize new and long-term clients and to announce your plans for the coming year.


Football Party Invitation

This football party invitation can be customized for any team you wish. We can even modify it for the Super Bowl! If you’re already a sports enthusiast, then likely, you know how to plan a football party, but just in case, we have also supplied a planning checklist to help you coordinate your party. If you don’t feel comfortable hosting an event at your home, consider tailgating or renting a private box at a stadium and having the event professionally catered.

Barbeque Bash

Summer is around the corner—the season of picnics, eating watermelon, chilling poolside, and grilling outside. Start planning your Barbecue Bash for your clients. Casual social events are a fun, creative way to enrich relationships among you and your clients, and get introduced to their family and friends. Personalize our Barbecue Bash invitation and have a fun, easygoing event for your clients and their guests.

Open House

Inviting your clients and prospects to an Open House event at your office is a great way to show off a new, remodeled or redecorated office. If you have moved or opened an additional office, an Open House can be a fun way to show them where the new office is located. But really, you do not need a reason to host an Open House event—they often are held just to be in touch with clientele, friends, and prospects to show your appreciation for them.


Golf Workshop

This golf event diverges from the type we usually plan because instead of actually playing a round of golf, we host a smaller, more intimate training clinic. The idea is to invite 25 of your top clients to each 2 hour training session with the golf pro. Each client that attends is encouraged to bring a friend for a total class size of around 50. If you plan this properly, you can host 3 classes in a day, introducing you to 75 new prospects.

Bifold Brochure

Template can be customized to compliment your branding by updating the colors, typography, and photographs.

Tax Planning Whitepaper

For many people, it's easy to forget all about tax planning. Don't let your clients or prospects miss out on potential savings. You can share this Tax Planning guide with your clients so they can use these tips to help minimize their risks and maximize their opportunities. 

2017 Halftime Report

The Halftime Report Presentation typically is available to download in late July. When planning your event, allow time for compliance approval. We suggest holding your event in early August to allow plenty of time for advertising review and ample preparation.

Build For the Future Today

The public is inundated with hype and predictions. While it’s impossible to predict the future, you can help keep your clients and prospects informed. Help educate and set reasonable expectations with this presentation.