Investing in Ethics, by Retired FBI SSA, Sean Burns, MS

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Sean Burns retired from the FBI in January 2017 with over 25 years investigative and supervisory experience. Mr. Burns started his career in the FBI in 1991 in Pittsburgh, PA, where he worked primarily narcotics and violent crime cases. He served as a team leader for the Pittsburgh Division’s SWAT Team. In 2001, Mr. Burns was transferred to the Grand Rapids, MI, where he primarily worked violent crime matters and was the Sniper Team Leader for the Detroit Division’s SWAT Team. In 2012, Mr. Burns was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent, with territorial responsibilities that covered most of West and Northern Michigan. At the time of his retirement, Mr. Burns was a certified FBI instructor in the following disciplines: firearms instructor, defensive tactics instructor, tactical instructor, tactical air officer, rappel master, and Crisis Management Coordinator. He has worked on numerous protection details for the FBI Director and U.S. Attorney General. As an FBI Special Agent, he was hand-selected twice for deployment to Afghanistan (2006, 2010) in support of the United States’ global war on terrorism. Mr. Burns holds a Masters of Science degree from Grand Valley State University in Criminal Justice. He is a licensed professional investigator in the State of Michigan. Burns consults for Regal Investment Advisors and Regulus Advisor in a risk management capacity as a layer of security in compliance and recruiting onboarding.

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