“Zoom Room” at Regal Kentwood Office

Regal Holdings has launched a “Zoom Room” at the home office in Grand Rapids! The Zoom Room features a touchscreen Yealink conference phone, a Smart TV, Zoom software, and a dedicated private room in the home office to conduct meetings. The meeting room features state of the art technology that allows our affiliates to video … Read more

Regulation Best Interest

As you all should be aware of by now, Regulation Best Interest takes effect today, June 30th, 2020. As we move through the initial 30 days of Regulation Best Interest you will be asked to implement new technology and procedures into your practice. As we have stated in previous emails, we may ask for additional information related to … Read more

Regulus Name Change Disclosure Updates

With Regulation Best Interest taking effect on June 30th, 2020, Regulus Advisors will no longer be able to use the term “Advisor” and we will be changing the name to simply “Regulus”. Along with this name change comes a few different steps of updates that will need to be completed by our RR (BD) and … Read more

Reg BI: Brokers, Advisors and the SEC

The SEC recently clarified its stance on the use of the word “advisor” versus “broker” as part of Regulation Best Interest (REG BI) rules that go into effect June 30th, 2020. Unless you are registered as an investment advisor, you will not be able to use the word “advisor” (or “adviser”) in your company name … Read more

Billing Update

Quarterly Billing Reminder/Pre-Billing Dashboards Quarterly Billing Reminder This is a reminder of the upcoming advisory fee billing for Q1 2020, January 1st – March 31st. Fees for the client accounts we bill directly on our advisory custodians will be processed between January 2 and January 10 (inclusive) with payroll transactions posting in Xtiva on January 15. You will see the direct deposit activity to your … Read more

Field Update

eSignature is almost here! eSign Benefits The eSignature excitement is building as there are many benefits, not only for the Advisor, but to the client experience as well. The implementation of eSignature will: Reduce many common NIGOs (Not In Good Order) work items. In using eSignature,  Starting Point will gather all required forms and the built-in validations will … Read more

Billing Update

2020 & 2021 Quarterly Fee Payout Schedule To assist you with your budgeting and cash flow planning, we wanted to provide you with the quarterly fee payout schedules for both 2020 and 2021. While we strive to process the quarterly fee billing payout on the 2nd Friday of the month of the quarterly billing, there are … Read more

Regal Operations Newsletter

Completing the Client Investment Advisory Agreement for a Sleeve Account Sleeve accounts are now available under Regal Investment Advisors. With this new abiliy the Regal service team has received various questions of how to properly fill out the required paperwork. Below is an example of how to properly complete a fee schedule contained in the … Read more

Compliance Update

Corrected: Updated ADV Part 2A (11/27/2019) and the RIA Compliance Manual Please see the links below for the most recent updates to the Regal ADV Part 2A as well as the Regal RIA Compliance Manual. The previous ADV date of 3/29/2019 will no longer be accepted for advisory paperwork dated 12/19/2019 or later. Please begin providing your clients with the updated … Read more

Introducing The Partner Series

Regal’s LionShare platform supports financial advisors and their journey to create a better client experience. Regal is excited to announce the next chapter in this journey with The Partner Series! Your clients’ financial wellness and the well-being of your practice go hand in hand. The Partner Series offers a customized money management approach, practice management … Read more